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Assurant Employee Benefits gives nation’s largest teeth PPO network for second consecutive year It's official avanafil dosage . Assurant Employee Benefits offers the country's largest teeth PPO network for the next consecutive yr. The Assurant Dental care Network is the largest PPO network with more than 100,000 unique dentists, relating to Ignition Group's September 2013 Netminder statement. Assurant Employee Benefits' dental network provides associates with an expanded selection of in-network dentists that will help lower state costs which helps to decrease out-of – pocket expenses and improve client satisfaction.

‘GeneSightRx now provides physicians with even more information about their patients’ unique genetic fingerprint, permitting them to make even more informed medication selections for each individual individual. Our goal is to provide treatment-oriented support that helps prevent needless side delays and effects in achieving response.’ Al Lucas, Vice President Sales and Marketing at AssureRx Health said, ‘Variations of the CYP1A2 gene make a difference several typically used psychiatric medications. By adding this gene to GeneSightRx, we’re able to further differentiate the AssureRx technology from program genotyping tests. Psychiatrists can reap the benefits of having a more described picture of how key medications can be suffering from this variance prior to making decisions on how best to treat an individual.’..