Are your friends making you body fat?

Are your friends making you body fat? Or keeping you slender? According to new study from Harvard and the University of California, NORTH PARK, the short answer on both counts is definitely ‘yes .in the July 26 issue of the New England Journal of Medication ‘ Appearing, a report coauthored by Nicholas Christakis of Harvard Medical School and James Fowler of UC San Diego suggests that obesity can be ‘socially contagious,’ spreading from person to person in a social network.

Approximately 22 patients are anticipated to be enrolled into the study and preliminary results are likely to become analysed and designed for launch during Q3 2014. Ario Pharma also announces Professor Maria Belvisi from the National Center and Lung Institute, Imperial College London, provides been appointed as Chief Scientific Officer. Professor Belvisi can be an internationally recognised professional in the respiratory field with both pharmaceutical sector and academic research encounter. She has received numerous awards and honours for her research into the cellular and molecular mechanisms of asthma, Cough and COPD. Dr John Ford, CEO of Ario Pharma, commented: Heightened sensitivity of pulmonary TRPV1 stations in COPD is well known, but this is the first-time an oral TRPV1 inhibitor offers been examined for efficacy in avoiding cough in COPD sufferers.