Are pharma commercials programming you to desire suffering and death?

The music is nice and the landscapes is serene. Slow motion picture taking enhances the aura of bliss. You are feeling good. These people continue moving joyfully through existence as the quick and delicate voice in the background warns you that the drug being promoted could cause you to collapse lifeless while bending over the toilet to puke out your liver. You pause in a barely obvious moment of misunderstandings at the incongruence of everything, then get back to watching the shiny, happy people.Within the contract: – Pharmacies will be funded under a new model for pharmacy solutions The new model will go beyond fee for program for dispensing activities and will compensate pharmacists for spending additional time advising individuals and other medical researchers about effective medication use. This will build on the building blocks of traditional dispensing services, but will also make better use of the entire scope of pharmacists’ professional understanding and skills, to protect patients’ health insurance and secure savings to the health care system.