Another study done by Richardson and Houston

Another study done by Richardson and Houston, ‘reduction of traffic fatalities in the American States by upgrading seat belt use Laws to Primary Enforcement, ‘ showed a strong link not only between primary enforcement laws and seatbelt use, but between primary enforcement laws and a reduction in the number of deaths . The study found that mortality rates in states with secondary enforcement laws remained stable between 1990 and 2002, while mortals in November 2006.

70 % of patients who were exposed to aggressive behavior, they felt threatened by the incident.The researchers point out that the number of incidents that incurred during the study was probably higher than recorded for several reasons. – ‘Only severe verbal aggression was included and staff may not have had enough time to incidents absorb during a shift change happens , or if they had to go about off duty,’Foster says, ‘It is also possible that a number of incidents. Among patients not noticed by staff. So these incidents should be seen as minimum size ‘.

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