An antibiotic-producing bacteria.

The phenomenon reaches about 210 species of fungus-growing ants, which harbor many different species of a specific group of bacteria. The analysis is released in the journal Science.. Clever ants may hold the secret to antibiotic resistance New research has revealed that ants that tend and harvest gardens of fungus carry on their bodies a magic formula weapon, an antibiotic-producing bacteria, which works against the parasites that invade their crops. The international team of scientists discovered that the ants accommodate the bacterias in specifically adapted cavities on their bodies. It appears the bacterias thrive on glandular secretions and the discovery signifies that the ants, bacterias, fungus and parasites have been very likely evolving together for tens of millions of years and have what the researchers say is a classic symbiotic relationship.Many nutritionists recognize that the sort and quality of food people eat, and whether or not that meals has been prepared or refined, for example, is a crucially-important aspect when determining whether or not dietary practices are healthy. Many dietitians, however, lack a proper understanding of real nutrition, and instead regurgitate outdated and inaccurate material that has been approved by the ADA. What the issue comes down to is the reality that the ADA basically does not like that many practicing nutritionists are operating outside of its control. It doesn’t matter whether or not nutritionists have masters or doctorate degrees, or even if they are certified under additional regulatory bodies – – the ADA desires all dietitians and nutritionists under its own certifying banner, and the sort of legislation it really is sponsoring all across the national nation seeks to create this a reality.C.