Also known as virtual colonoscopy.

I think we’ve demonstrated that laxative-free CTC is a valid tool for detecting polyps that are clinically significant, said co-writer and site principal investigator Judy Yee, MD, chief of radiology at SFVAMC and professor and vice seat of radiology at UCSF. The scholarly study was published in the May 15 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine. Virtual colonoscopy, which includes been accepted by the American Malignancy Culture as a valid screening check for colorectal cancer, uses a CT scanner to screen for polyps and cancers in the colon non-invasively. In regular optical colonoscopy , your physician inserts a six-foot-long scope in to the entire colon. Currently, both methods demand patients to take a bowel-cleansing laxative before the process.In individuals adopted four years or longer, there is evidence that warfarin might be more effective in preventing the combined end result of death, stroke, and intracerebral hemorrhage. The researchers said further investigation will be needed. Nevertheless, given the comfort and low priced of aspirin, many might move this route. How exactly to interpret that for individual patients means weighing the risk of stroke against the risk of haemorrhage, but weighting that by importance also. I would respect a gastrointestinal haemorrhage needing transfusion to be of less importance when compared to a stroke, so would tend towards warfarin.