According to research published in Psychological Science.

Altering visual cues can impact chronic neck pain Using virtual actuality to misrepresent what lengths the throat is turned can in fact change pain experiences in people who suffer from chronic neck pain, according to research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Technology. It could seem like our encounters of discomfort stem from some objective, physiological source, but study has shown that many elements – – including sensory, cognitive, and psychological cues – – can possess a significant impact on if, when, and how we feel pain. These new results indicate that altering the visual cues that inform the mind about the body can impact discomfort: ‘Our findings present that the brain does not need danger messages coming from the tissues of the body to be able to generate pain in that body component – – sensable and dependable cues that predict impending pain are enough to create the experience of discomfort,’ says researcher G .

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Stubbs pointed out. ‘H.R. 3961 would repeal the SGR, eliminate all of the accumulated payment cuts, and create a new system that would provide a growth target of GDP plus two % for principal care and preventive providers and GDP and something % for all other solutions.’ ACP’s letter concluded by stating, ‘While the University believes that additional measures will be asked to reverse a catastrophic shortage of major care doctors for adults, to help make the price of health care sustainable, to reduce the costs of defensive medicine, also to make sure that all Americans have access to affordable insurance coverage, H.R. 3962 would represent an historic step forward to achieving ACP’s desired upcoming of a U.S. Health care delivery system that delivers access, best value care and medical health insurance coverage for 100 percent of its people.’..