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Rning Back The Clock for Schwann cellsmyelin – making Schwann cells have the ability every aging Hollywood star would envy: they can become young again. According to a study, the 19th in the May issue of the Journal of Cell Biology have, David B. Parkinson and Take is a protein that the cell understand again in their youth, a finding that could help researchers realize why myelin production slowdowns in some diseases.

The researchers now want to investigate whether c-Jun is involved in diseases where myelin dwindles as Charcot-Marie Tooth disease and Guillain-Barre syndrome. The findings could. Well as indication of multiple sclerosis, in which immune attacks destroy myelin in the central nervous system Unlike Schwann cells, oligodendrocytes, the myelin makers in the central nervous system may not return to an immature state. Whether c-Jun affects oligodendrocyte differentiation is not known.The research was partially from the from the NIH. Other analisys co-authors include: by Eran Shor a student at Department of Sociology, to Stony Brook University , and now is the Sociology Department, McGill, in Montreal, and Karina W. Davidson, the Department of Medicine and Psychiatry, Columbia University in.

Schwartz indicates unemployment rate always a problem for to society to intensify the latest economic crisis, unemployment and explore explore the relationship between unemployed, health hazards and premature death. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the national unemployment reaching 9.6 % in August 2010, around the highest in 25 years. That rate remains high at 8.8 % in March 2011.. In a meta – analysis of 42 study having data 20 million people are in terms of relation between unemployment and the danger on death, a team of researchers at the to Stony Brook University that risk the death were 63 % higher in those unemployment by unemployment as the a result those not experienced. They also found to the increased risk, more men than women . Reported in the Social Science & Medicine, indicate the total outcome of study show that the relationship between unemployment and risk of death remained constant over the last 50 years.