According to a report issued today simply by the RAND Corporation.

‘The individual safety movement shows that patient injuries occasionally occur because of the failure of complicated systems instead of negligence, and that initiatives to recognize the root factors behind these failures are a significant tool for protecting sufferers and for reducing damage rates,’ Greenberg said. Proof that safety performance includes a immediate tie to malpractice statements shows that policy interventions made to boost protection also might have the result of enhancing the malpractice litigation environment.Publications and other info or medical publishing information useful to medical audiences & experts are also announced. As an increasing number of women change to plastic surgeons to counteract the consequences of pregnancy on their bodies, one common postpartum complaint is usually sagging breasts, known as breast ptosis also, which many believe to become linked to breastfeeding. However, as this new study demonstrates, it appears that other factors, including older age group, higher body mass index and a history of cigarette smoking, are responsible for the breast sagging experienced by some females after pregnancy. ‘It really is widely assumed that breastfeeding will adversely impact the looks of the breasts, and this is a major reason cited by women who choose not to breastfeed,’ said Brian Rinker, MD, a plastic surgeon in Lexington, Kentucky and lead author of the study.