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The American Association of Kidney Patients invites the audience to explore on its newly designed patient – friendly web site: The website features a new look with an emphasis on chronic kidney disease (?? undergoing dialysis, transplants and pediatric information, as well as a new online tool for patients as AAKP my Health AAKP wishes to thank Roche for sponsoring the AAKP I healthcare section its new website?.

‘We told by physicians which they could not wait for order to tell their patient belongs. We heard about patients who have she to talk their friends about, wrote AAKP Chairman Donald Dowe. ‘This new interactive tool for may help every patients in the urinary of Community ‘.. ? AAKP I Health allows patients Your laboratory TESTRESULTS, drugs evaluate medical visits doctor visits and test their knowledge of kidney problems. Then patients who are enter online online medical file with the web site will be able to the documentation medical information in a medical emergency.