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BrightFocus gives grants to 55 scientists for Alzheimer’s disease and eyesight research Funding critical on diseases affecting seniors BrightFocus Foundation now, a nonprofit organization financing cutting-edge, innovative research upon Alzheimer's disease and the vision illnesses of glaucoma and macular degeneration, today announced the recipients of new study grant awards, wanted to 55 scientists in 19 U.S. Says, the District of Columbia, and five international countries. With these most recent grants, BrightFocus has provided more than $8.7 million in research funding in 2014. The study projects funded this year reflect a range of study passions and new technologies, with many scientists trying to unlock the clues to earlier detection and treatment of the diseases, before irreversible damage is performed.Admittedly, opera has been more of a spare time activity for him when compared to a career path, but some indication is given by it of his capability to master an array of subjects. Clinical research education is crucial for all doctors regardless of career path. He trained in pediatrics at Washington University in St. Related StoriesAddressing dyslexia early assists close accomplishment gap between dyslexic and regular readersPediatricians send away family members who refuse to vaccinate their childrenSurgical startup seeks financing to build digital reality teaching libraryGoodman chose pediatrics, he stated, because he valued a field of medication where the human element was central. He provides been editor of the journal Clinical Trials since 2004 and is definitely senior statistical editor for the Annals of Internal Medication, where he has offered since 1987.