A fresh study suggests.

When doctors are encouraging fresh moms to try breast-feeding, they could want to add this information to the list of benefits. .. Breast-feeding might lower risk of childhood leukemia Breast-feeding – – even for a short while – – might lower a baby’s later risk of childhood leukemia, a fresh study suggests. The experts found that babies breast-fed for at least six months appear to have a 19 % lower threat of childhood leukemia in comparison to children who were under no circumstances breast-fed or were breast-fed for fewer a few months.It is useful for indigestion, acidity and poor digestive system. A few of the key elements of the herbal dietary supplement are Ajwain, Sonth, Sanay, Dikamali, Hing, etc. This natural pill helps in healing digestive distress and helps to keep the digestion toned up. Arozyme capsule prevents the acids from attacking your body organs and assures correct nourishment for your body by providing all of the important nutrients. These are some of the major causes and herbal treatments for constipation problem..