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Cholera in Haiti.

No cholera vaccine comes in the U.S. But Us citizens planning travel to locations where cholera can be endemic ought to be careful in order to avoid water that could be contaminated, says Dr. Hooper. Which means staying away from uncooked foods and vegetables and drinking just from bottled or canned drinks – and no Ice cubes. MORE HEALTH Content material FROM CBS NEWS: 10 Many Terrifying Parasites Ever Bloodstream Suckers, Intestine Crawlers and Stone Cold Killers. Look Out!. Cholera in Haiti, Nigeria: Could It Happen Right here? Cholera is in a deadly rampage in both sides of the Atlantic. An outbreak in Haiti provides sickened 3,000 and claimed 250 lives. Authorities get worried that the disease could strike the administrative centre, Port-au-Prince, where 1.3 million earthquake survivors live, many in squalid refugee camps.