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stated Andre Konski.

A PSA level between 2 and 4 wouldn’t normally warrant a biopsy according to traditional screening recommendations.’ Of the 520 men, a complete of 75 men underwent 101 biopsies. The median age at biopsy was 56 . The median PSA at biopsy was 3.5 . ‘We found prostate cancers in 45 % of these guys,’ said Konski. ‘Twenty-six % of these men had a Gleason score of seven or higher, indicating aggressive cancers. What’s more surprising is that twenty five % of the males who were diagnosed experienced a PSA of 2.5 or more affordable.’ This PSA level falls below the brand new guidelines adopted this past year by the National Extensive Cancer Network and the American Urological Association, suggesting biopsy when PSA amounts surpass 2.5.