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A nasogastric tube welded to his small encounter.

Clown doctoring: more than just clowning around A ward circular of a different kind: doctors in white coats but with scooters and hooters instead of stethoscopes and ball-point pens. A nasogastric tube welded to his small encounter, the boy is too ill to move. A male nurse wheels him ever so down a carpeted medical center corridor carefully. Two figures approach, dressed in lengthy, white, badge-adorned coats, floppy hats and baggy, multicoloured pants. They talk with the boy by name. The strains of You are my Sunshine issue from kazoo and a miniature, semiautomatic violin.

Aribex awarded patents for NOMAD handheld X-ray system Aribex.

Aribex awarded patents for NOMAD handheld X-ray system Aribex, Inc recovery of erectile function . Provides announced that it has been allowed a second U.S. Patent because of its NOMAD Portable X-ray System. The latest patent defends the central idea of having all components of the x-ray program in the same enclosure. This concept led to the advancement of the world’s first handheld x-ray system. Aribex once was awarded patent #7,224,in October of 2007 769 for the digital x-ray camera. ‘No-one had available a portable intraoral x-ray with the energy source in the same enclosure as the x-ray head,’ stated Dr. D. Clark Turner, CEO and President of Aribex. ‘We opened up up a new category when we created the NOMAD.