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Acrux announced the results of an 8 month clinical study in the U.

Acrux announced the results of an 8 – month clinical study in the U.S. Carried out, it was shown that its Testosterone MD – Lotion applied to the armpit of men with low testosterone able to effectively and safely restore testosterone levels to the normal range without adverse side effects.

* Fast-drying, invisible sprays or liquids, a delivery platform with low or no skin irritation, superior cosmetic acceptability and simple, accurate and flexible dosing. The technology platform broad broad and well differentiated, issued patents.

The Quigley Corporation makes no guarantee that the U en ligne.

The Quigley Corporation makes no guarantee that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is a regulatory body or other allow this Investigational New Drug to be marketed en ligne . Furthermore, no claim that potential medicine discussed herein is safe, effective, or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. In addition, data showing the activity or effectiveness in animals or in vitro tests do not imply the formula test compound, and the reference is made herein are effective in humans. The safety and efficacy in humans need to be demonstrated by adequate and well – controlled clinical trials, Medicine,he clinical significance of the test compound is known formula. Readers should carefully consider the risk factors described in. The company from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Dr. Basu is a staff scientist and principal investigator in the Prostate Cancer Group at the Paul P. Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center, Madison, and his colleagues found in the center of, that levels of a key enzyme, spermidine / spermine acetyl transferase the oxidation of polyamines occurs increased significantly when prostate cancer cells were treated with androgen. Polyamines are small molecules produced in a large amount of the seminal fluid. Secreted into the seminal fluid. Oxidation of polyamines produced a large amount of ROS, hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide causes oxidative stress. One condition in which cells produce an excess of oxygen free radicals which are known to role in cellular role in cellular signaling and prostate cancer development – These results demonstrate that polyamine oxidation is one of of the main causes of androgen-induced oxidative stress in prostate cancer cells, said Dr. The discovery of this pathway is a major step forward in understanding the role of androgen in prostate cancer development. They scientists in the polyamine field have worked to increase, rather than from, oxidative stress in order to destroy established tumors but no one I know has tried to reduce oxidative stress by blocking polyamine oxidation to prevent prostate tumors. And that’s what we set out to do. .