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The study suggests that the same risk factors.

The study suggests that the same risk factors, often noted in a patient record , can also influence drug addiction in patients without a history of chronic pain. How it was done – For this study, Geisinger investigators Geisinger required the computerized database for patients with back pain and related orthopedic conditions, the painkillers for more than 90 days were retrieved identify. They interviewed a sample of these patients and collected and studied their DNA.

The findings appear in the September issue of addiction.. Of addiction.fies risk factors for Painkiller Addiction and Links Seeking Geneticsstarts a new Geisinger study the puzzle of painkiller addiction unlock why some people addicted rather than others. Geisinger researchers found that patients with four common risk factors have a significantly higher risk of addiction. In addition, a history of serious drug addiction and drug abuse compounds the risk.