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Compared with delivery at 39 weeks

The national study found that women who delivered on their due date had an increased chance of cesarean section or operative delivery – like requiring forceps – versus those who delivered at 39 weeks. Compared with delivery at 39 weeks, women who delivered 41 weeks a 40 % higher chance of having a cesarean. This correlated with an increased risk of bleeding and other complications for the mother .

September 2008 at surgery reduces quality of life and the risk of recurrence in rectal cancer patientsThe use of a short one-week course of radiation before surgery for rectal cancer leads to a reduced risk of recurrence but with some adverse effects on the quality of life for sexual and bowel function, presented according an international study 22nd September 2008, the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology 50th Annual Conference in Boston.

Triggered by low salt.

Sinclair research group previously reported in the journal Nature the first genetic link between environmental stresses and longer life. Triggered by low salt, heat or extreme calorie restriction, a yeast ‘master longevity regulator ‘called PNC1 stimulate Sir2 activity. This new work by Harvard student Dudley Lamming argued that PNC1 the whole SIR2 family of genes regulated, suggesting that a human being could PNC1 gene to protect against diseases of aging such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

A study in the latest New England Journal of Medicine published a recalled that the obesity epidemic is a deadly disease in a study sponsored mortality in 1.46 million people by the NIH, told investigators that weight classifications overweight and obesity with significant excess mortality associated.. FDAnizations demand a full and fair hearing, if the FDA Reviews New Treatments for ObesityThe Obesity Society and the Obesity Action Coalition called on the Food and Drug Administration to the urgent need see more tools to the obesity epidemic before more than 93 million Americans as a consultative, new new obesity treatment convene to address.