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The number of H1N1 cases reported to wHO regions to at least 24

Globally , the number of H1N1 cases reported to wHO regions to at least 24,000 in two weeks has become the 340,000 Mark Cross, since the virus was first detected in mid-April, Monday after the CDC reported Agence France-Presse. Virus, whichhile, Cuban health officials on Monday called for the WHO and PAHO support the country in accessing the H1N1 vaccine, AFP reports in a second story. ‘The new vaccine against the A virus, which has begun in more developed countries in more developed countries, is very effective, but also very expensive,’said Health Minister Luis Estruch (05 .

At least 24,000 of H1N1 worldwide and 24,000 in two weeksThe Herald examines the limited capacities of hospitals in Zimbabwe to to test for H1N1 patients. According to the WHO, Zimbabwe will need 12th to effectively fight the virus (Chipunza.

Rush University Medical Center includes the 674 bed hospital.

Rush University Medical Center includes the 674 – bed hospital, the Johnston R. Bowman Health Center and Rush University .

These components that fit into the cup-shaped acetabulum or acetabulum, the first implant having a porous structure adapted to bone bone surface in the hope achieving long-term fixation. – Our results confirm earlier work done at Rush and at other institutions: that cementless cups work very well and that long-term biological fixation can be achieved, said Dr. Craig Della Valle, an orthopedic surgeon and lead author of the study. Bone, researchers have been studying the results of 204 hip replacements at Rush in the mid-1980s, conducted in a group of 184 patients aged 20 to 84 years. The results have been reported in 10 to 15 years.. Clinical and radiological evidence showed that 96 % of the 124 cementless metal components remained fixed securely assessed 20 years after surgery, according to a study in the May issue of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery published output.