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The promise of personalized medicine.

The promise of personalized medicine, IBM technologycould be a new technology developed by scientists at IBM bring the promise of personalized medicine a step closer to reality. – With a basic computer language, the researchers created a smart DNA stream, a patient’s entire medical record contains, according to a report in the forthcoming 11th October print issue of the Journal of Proteome Research, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society. The report was published on the Internet 22nd.

– Jason GorssThe online version of the research cited above was originally published July 22 on the journal’s Web site. Journalists can access this site for to an e-mail or call the contact person for this release.

Kerry has a bill sponsored in the Senate and Honda has a bill sponsored in the house

Kerry has a bill sponsored in the Senate and Honda has a bill sponsored in the house, the center for prevention, monitoring and education programs related to the virus would increase. You write that in addition to causing the tragic and avoidable loss of life , the viruses are cost cost the U.S . Billions of dollars in coming years. The cost of screening and treatment are much lower than post – infection treatment, write Honda and Kerry, pointed out that hepatitis B vaccinations from $ 75 to $ 165 are, while the treatment of the disease can be $ 16,000 per person per year. Cost.

Wisconsin hopes to a provision in the health care reform law use access to no-cost contraceptive services and supplies through Medicaid, the Wall Street Journal reports to expand. Eligibility for Medicaid is based on income, and although conditions set higher income limits for pregnant women, most women without children with Medicaid health care for low-income However, prevention and other reproductive health services – sexually transmitted infections sexually transmitted infections tests, Pap tests and in some state programs. Infertility Treatments – are to increase to increase in Wisconsin and 26 other states, through Medicaid pilot projects to access to family planning design services for low-income women who would not otherwise come into question.