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HENT1 on the cell membrane[ 1]

Elacytarabine is a novel cytotoxic agent and an analogue of cytarabine – the backbone of therapy of acute leukemia. Unfortunately, a significant portion of AML patients a lack of uptake of cytarabine in leukemia cells by their lack of expression of a necessary transport protein, hENT1 on the cell membrane[ 1]. Cellular uptake of elacytarabine unlike cytarabine is independent of hENT1 potential clinical potential clinical advantage in the treatment of AML elacytarabine .

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Purton team has studied how a group of vitamin A receptor molecules hematopoietic stem cells regulate and previously demonstrated that the RAR-gamma receptor was critical to HSC renewal. In this work, observed that mice in which RAR-gamma had been knocked out had significantly fewer HSCs and increased numbers of more mature progenitor cells.

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