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But Brody denies the request obliged to supply.

Waagner sent his letters in the anthrax scare followed the terrorist attacks of September 11th. ‘He wanted to seize the moment, to the fear and panic of the other terrorist acts caused his own of terror of terror ‘to use fuel, Barrett said (AP / Yahoo However,, federal law defines an act of terrorism as an act against the government and Brody said Waagner was ‘only interested retaliation ‘against abortion providers (Allentown Morning Call.. Terrorism charges Waagner – who represented himself during the sentencing – Brody asked the sentencing the sentencing so that he could appeal guilty other pending federal charges, but Brody denies the request obliged to supply.

(Smith, Philadelphia Daily News.. Kaiser Family Foundation,on Advocate sending anthrax hoax letters to abortion clinics sentenced Sentenced to 19 years in prison Waagner comments, said reaction Waagner the jury that he was tickled that some of the recipients of his letters were still traumatized, and added, been there. Has clearly shown that I am the antiabortion extremist, a terrorist to the abortion industry, it is no question that I terrorized these people as I could (Philadelphia Inquirer, Dayle Steinberg – President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania clinics clinics were given some Waagner letters – said: We are relieved are he is where he should be.