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By a grant by a grant from the U.

By a grant by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education Co – investigators include. Dee S. Department of Student Affairs, alcohol – Drug Information Center at Indiana University, Ruth Gassmann, Indiana Prevention Resource Center at IU, and Caroline Kingori, Department of Applied Health Science at IU.

Freshmen living on campus showed a marked decline in the average number of drinks consumed in a week, in the %age who drank at least once a a week in the past year and the proportion of students who engaged in binge drinking in the. Heavy drinking by college students and the associated consequences – poor health and academic performance, risky and irresponsible behavior – problems in the universities and in college nationwide nationwide. The program will be investigated by the IU study attacked the problem at three levels – at the individual level through a mandated online class, at the peer level, through special training for resident assistants, and at an ambient temperature level educational campaigns, Theed community and university resources.