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Natural News would like to thank Dr.

Natural News would like to thank Dr. Len Horowitz for uncovering this interview from the national archives, and in return they get released, so the public can learn the truth behind the deadly vaccine industry.

Pulsed-This procedure is generic for improving the care of all tissue hypothetically,’Frenkel said. ‘Previous studies by Dr. Li have shown that pulsed HIFU of drugs of drugs. Now we genes it works for genes and we make the case that it is. A connection between the two ‘.. An analysis showed reporter gene levels to nine times higher in tumors treated with pulsed HIFU compared with tumors left exposed.The researchers particularly encouraging encouraging, because the type of cancer treated in the study – squamous cell carcinoma, found in head and neck tumors – is one of the least permeable cancers and does not respond well to chemotherapy or radiation.