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Flu Preparedness Guides for families.

.. Flu Preparedness Guides for families, businesses, health care providers and community groups By Trust for America ‘s Health Released – There is a series of non – Trust for America ‘s Health Flu As Usual guides on pandemic influenza preparedness for family reprint, companies, health care providers and community groups. Worry and fear will not protect us – knowing the facts and planning ahead will, said Jeff Levi, executive director of TFAH. All of us want to do the right things ourselves and our families ourselves and our families in the event of a public health emergency. These manuals contain information that is in the preparation for not only a possible a possible pandemic flu outbreak, but also for many types of health types of health emergencies.

– Have generic medical and health supplies on hand. Examples include accessories such as soap or alcohol-based hand wash, medicines for fever, fluid with electrolytes and tissues. – Plan to anticipate the lack of common prescription medications and appropriately. Asfamily member has a chronic disease and regularly takes prescription medication with your doctor / pharmacist / insurance companies talk to several weeks of medications stockpiled at home.