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Minimally invasive approach to evaluating chest pain patients at risk for heart attack.

Acusphere, Inc. that data from the Phase 3 RAMP-1 and RAMP-2 clinical trials Imagify for injectable suspension were presented at the annual American Heart Association meeting in Orlando, Florida. Results of this international multicenter studies show that Imagify perfusion stress Echo is an effective and well tolerated, minimally invasive approach to evaluating chest pain patients at risk for heart attack. – Just as well determine.

Practice in the clinical translates these results suggest that monitoring of circulating tumor cell counts should now as a standard test for patients with metastatic breast cancer, said Dr. Giordano – define During remains the treatment of this disease palliative, can help monitoring of circulating tumor cells. Change when therapies or discontinue treatment, in other words, this may be the delivery of personalized therapy improve.

One of these fatty acids Cipla.

People had a healthy diet with a high content of complex carbohydrates significant populations of microorganisms in the gut as Firmicutes. These bacteria use the undigested residues of starch and proteins in the colon to short-chain fatty acids and vitamins such as folic acid and biotin to make colon health maintenance Cipla . One of these fatty acids, butyrate, provides not only a large part of the energy in order gut gut wall, but it also regulates cell growth and differentiation. Both experimental and human studies support its role in reducing colon cancer risk.

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