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~ New Report: Abortion providers= American Human Rights Defenders.

‘s report ‘focuses on a key obstacle to the realization of the reproductive rights of women. And recognize their work as human rights defenders, ‘she writes, adding that the U.S.’. Historically a leader in both the creation and promotion of accountability for human rights principles around the world ‘However, ‘[a] Access to reproductive health care in general and abortion care especially basic human rights are largely in the context of U.S. Domestic policy ignored, ‘Jacobson writes notes that abortion access in the United States ‘has been limited emphasis on the area obstacles created by anti – choice advocacy.

/ / Washington Post: promoting education of patients and payments to vendors is. ‘health care at its most basic, but in some ways it’s revolutionary,’about 85 % of Vermonters over 64 have one or more chronic conditions a pilot. Program, which began in 2003, is helping maintain patients healthier and has already reduced emergency room visits .