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Experts at the conference

Experts at the conference, new research findings, which show negative effects of stress on babies by increased maternal attention and physical contact after the birth can be undone .

The Office analysis also shows that: – The average hospital for people with diabetes costs hospitals 25 % more than stays for people who will not have diabetes .

The disease onchocerciasis.

The disease onchocerciasis, also known as river blindness , can be eliminated drugs to WHO, The disease, which BBC reports. The disease, which infects about 37 million people worldwide, a ’round worm that can live in the human body for years,’and it is caused, humans of a of a black fly, writes the news service. Worms spread worms spread through the body, and when they die, ‘reacts violently, ‘the human immune system that ‘destroys living tissue – especially the eye,’says BBC .

Malnutrition: Europe’s Hidden Weight Problem – Medical Nutrition International IndustryIn today’s Europe is not malnutrition always recognized and often neglected which makes the problem of malnutrition as serious as the threat to the health of obesity according to the new short film titled ‘Malnutrition – weight weight problem. ‘that of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism , the European Nutrition for Health Alliance and the Medical Nutrition International Industry Co. , this for concerted action for concerted action by governments, healthcare institutions and professionals to address this problem.