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The disposal of the dead.

MSF staff members they are a better registration of patients, a more effective method a more effective method of screening patients to clearly identify cholera cases.. The disposal of the dead, among the first priorities of the emergency team was set. Dead people were lying everywhere, said Tello.MSF was complete within one day disinfection and disposal of dead bodies in a position.The MSF team more than 150 cholera beds, are used in the vicinity of 3,500 liters of ringer lactate to treat cholera, and brought six tents.

The most common type of stroke is called ischemic stroke. These strokes occur when a blood clot blocks a blood vessel , the blood supply to the brain. Some ischemic strokes can be treated with thrombolytic, or clot-busting, therapy with tissue plasminogen activator , the resolution of blockade helps. However, the time window, patient. Safely administer the drug as a a mere three hours. Since few and and treated in the hospital in that time frame, fewer than seven % of the patients the drug.