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On 13 April will April will host a Be the Match donor drive.

On 13 April will April will host a Be the Match donor drive, in which interested persons can join the NMDP the Be the Match Registry. Geisinger covers all costs associated with joining the registry for those who make the drive. Geisinger also all costs for those.

– Becoming a collection means that individuals will be able to donate GMC and help patients all over the world, Gorak said.. A bone marrow transplant occurs when a healthy donor with a sick patient the donor the donor healthy bone marrow or blood stem cells are infused is tuned. Transplants are often be a cure for leukemia, cancer of the blood or other bone marrow disorders. In some patients, a bone marrow transplant hope for survival hope for survival, said Dr. Are required If a patient in need of a bone marrow transplant, her doctor for suitable donors through the NMDP to search Be the Match Registry, a database of volunteer donors.