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The foundation offers patient support.

The foundation funds research programs for lung cancer in a very early stage to recognize that will save lives and is essential for the development of future therapy. The foundation offers patient support, advocacy and an information network providing information, advice and support to the needs of lung cancer patients and their families. Statistics courtesy of Cancer Research UK.

The National Health and Nutritional examination Survey , a cross-sectional series of nationally representative health examination surveys indicated that of was diagnosed 11,000 with LTBI in the total U.S. Population, only one in four, and was only 13 % of prescribed treatment.

Of which 21 SMEs which are not in such a program.

The Applied Genomics LINK program researchers from 17 universities and research institutions together with 23 partners from industry, of which 21 SMEs which are not in such a program, had been involved before, involved. The program is over? To major industrial developments, including new targets, tools and equipment for drug discovery, and valuable intellectual property. Attracted 14M of industrial funding in addition to the matched funding from the sponsors and has.

If a patient answers yes to questions issues during basic medical care he or she may be depressed and should be evaluated by a doctor to determine whether the cause have depression, and treatment treatment or refer to a specialists when needed.