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Such as with friends and parents.

Said that with the Bully Other relationsstudents who bullies others tend difficulties with other relationships, such as with friends and parents. Targeting those relationships, as well as the problems of children bully bully with aggression and morality, may offer ideas for intervention and prevention. These are the results of a new conducted by researchers conducted by researchers at the University of York and Queens University -. It appears in the March / April 2008 issue of the journal Child Development.

Bullying is a behavior that most children engage in at some point during their school years, the study says. Almost one-tenth told of the students, they. Engaged in consistently high bullying from elementary school through high school Some 13.4 % said they bullied at relatively high levels in elementary school but then fell almost no bullying at the end of high school. Some 35.1 % of the children said that they reported being bullied peers at moderate Niveau.6 % almost never bullying at puberty.