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The newcomers are the only ones suffering.

There is simply not enough food to go. .. The newcomers are the only ones suffering. To fill with so many new mouths to local host communities are forced to kill their livestock and WFP fears that soon seed stores begin to be consumed as hunger and rising grain prices take their toll. Of violence, is not a sustainable situation, Bamezon. Life in eastern Chad has always been precarious, but now tens of thousands of Chadians to to the breaking point.

The additional demand for the next six months is 7,500 tons of food at a cost of U.S. $ 7.5 million. – These people were forced to leave their homes with nothing but the clothes on her back, said WFP Chad Country Director Felix Bamezon. You are totally dependent on host communities, feed feed their living conditions their living conditions worse and worse. .. WFP had planned 000 displaced persons 000 displaced people in Chad, but now assume that an additional 80,000 displaced people urgently need help in the east.