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TCF21 a transcription factor.

We were very excited, TCF21 TCF21 hypermethylation in 105 non-small-cell lung cancers of different stages and types, which given in a further 300 cases validated with a tissue microarray, said Kristy Richards, who led the study. – More than 80 % of these cancers show some abnormal expression of these biomarkers, which means that it is a promising target for the development of a screening tool, this is important for doctors and patients because surgery and other treatments can be much be more effective, the cancer has the ability to spread. .. TCF21 a transcription factor , – a protein that binds to DNA, such that they reproduce exactly so that cells to multiply and replace in a consistent manner. If these transcription factors do not work properly , cellular growth mechanisms can be disrupted, to what cancer.

Most surgeons talk to their patients before and after surgery. But Dr. Antonio Chiocca at Ohio State University Medical Center, talks to his patients during surgery – and they talk right back. He does it when removing a tumor because it to know exactly how much tissue can be cut. At these moments, no matter millimeter. – Those very unique areas any kind of damage any kind of damage someone could be temporarily or even permanently impaired, Chiocca says.