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Researchers at the University Medical Center Utrecht.

at the at the underlying pain processes and to develop will tailor a treatment their their combined physio with psychology . Dr Sterling, said the overall goal was to be for whiplash in primary care in primary care and not to develop into a chronic condition. Future projects will further investigate the processes underlying persistent whiplash pain including the measurement of inflammatory biomarkers, MRI measures include the neck muscles and functional MRI investigation of the processes in the brain of patients with chronic whiplash pain.

Rep. Tom Feeney criticized Democrats for delaying the override vote and said: I would much rather have spent the time working for a bill that financially is sound and guarantees poor American children are the first in line to receive benefits, he added. By the time we vote. We will have wasted two important weeks and less than a month to come up with a plan (Hay Brown / Nitkin, Baltimore Sun.