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We know that every cancer is a collection of genetic disorders.

‘.. Scientists identify order of mutations that lead to cancerscientists have begun the sequence of genetic aberrations in individual cancers in the statement they say the key to early detection and personalized medicine is to reveal. ‘We know that every cancer is a collection of genetic disorders,’said Raymond Cho, an assistant clinical professor in the department of dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco . ‘We now show it is possible to determine what changes happened earlier and what further down the road happen, even in a single cancer.

The guidelines, an international panel of an international panel of MS experts with input from MS Societies around the world spell, hope for the future of MS stem cell research and debunk myths about overseas stem cell clinics claiming. Cure the condition. The paper is sixth in May 2010 issue of Nature Reviews Neurology.. Clinical trials the first coordinated international approach to MS Stem Cell ResearchInternational consensus on the future of stem cell research for people with MS has been released today, paving the way for a more coordinated global research and potentially better and faster access of patients to clinical trials, cell are.