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In discussing the effect their pets have on their lives.

In discussing the effect their pets have on their lives, the women weighed in. ‘You will be here when I’m hurting, ‘a cat owner said. Another said: ‘Dogs know when you are in a bad mood , she knows that I am sick. I go, she goes she wants to protect me.

With HIV / AIDS when the love of a dog or cat. – A spoonful of medicine goes down a lot easier when you around have a dog or a cat With pets is helpful for women. With HIV / AIDS and managing their chronic illness, according to to a new study from the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University We think this finding about pets can women managing other chronic diseases are, said R. R. Instructor of nursing and lead author of the article, The relationship between social roles and self-management behavior in women living in , which appears in the online journal women’s Health Issues.