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The AP / Washington Post reports of Committee Chairman and U.

To find documents of correspondence between the two groups before and after the WHO H1N1 declared a pandemic, according to the news service documents documents contractual or letters of understanding between the pharmaceutical industry and the WHO,[ Fineberg] said, Some the agreements with the industry happy to happy to have been, would be confidential But so far all satisfied satisfied requests, he said: (Jordan.. Meanwhile, [a] panel of experts panel of experts examining the world Health Organization in response to last year’s swine flu on Wednesday said he wants to confidential exchanges between the UN body and drug companies see, the AP / Washington Post reports of Committee Chairman and U.S. Institute of Medicine President Harvey Fineberg said the panel plans to.

In related news , reports on the BBC, as the theme of the wHO of the H1N1 pandemic handling high on the. Agenda of the WHA the piece reflects to the health experts skeptical that the virus outbreak was classified as a pandemic.