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After the three weeks.

After the three weeks, the average number of polyps in the small intestine decreased in each mouse over 25 % in the 300 ppm diet and 47 % in the 600 ppm treatment group when compared with animals that had received control no SFN. ‘Our results showed that SFN produced its cancer preventive effects in the mice by inducing apoptosis and the proliferation of the tumor, but it was not clear what mechanism SFN employs to this, ‘Kong said.

The researchers concluded that this enzymatic activity repression is the probable reason for the chemopreventive effects of SFN. The hypothesis that the notion that SFN has chemopreventive activity Based on these findings, we believe SFN should be clinically for its chemopreventive potential in human patients with colon cancer related Apc be evaluated, ‘said Kong.. With biomarkers due with apoptosis and proliferation, Kong team found that SFN suppressed certain enzymes or highly highly expressed both in mice and in patients with colon cancer.

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Almirall confirmed the docility of this compound and its ability, in the bones as an injectable filling in cases of gum cyst removal are implanted, preventing teeth weakening thanks to the rapid recovery of the bone. According to her, the search for new materials to replace various parts of the human body from the need to provides a dough quality of life the the chronic diseases without medical solution. The injectable ,, thanks to the collaboration between the Maria – Pau Ginebra, researcher from Divisi n de Biomateriales of the Universidad Polit cnica de Catalu a , is very similar to bone mineral composition, and as a result it is very useful for tissue engineering, that is, for seed cells of the patient in the material be implanted be implanted later.