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Internet referenceContact:Jesus Ruiz Zorrilla Clinica Universitaria.

Cooperation in the implementation of this project is the BARD company which manufactures and distributes organic meshes. A number of in vitro studies and experiments with animals is performed Then they will on the biological meshes and promote the effect of these with a number of agents. Then they will be implanted in model animals their ability their ability to integrate into the tissue and carry out the function of the support. Internet referenceContact:Jesus Ruiz Zorrilla Clinica Universitaria.

In adult women, incontinence is primarily due to the loss of muscle mass of the sphincter, recoverable by injecting this sphincter zone with its own muscle cells with the objective of regeneration this muscle, enhancing its contractility and reducing incontinence. Half a dozen in Canada and about 180 in Austria: – The knowledge of this technique the world worldwide to less than 200 patients. The idea is the same, even if there are differences in the way the cells are obtained and are in their processing.