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Because the lung device is translucent read more.

Because the lung device is translucent, it into the inner workings into the inner workings of the human lung to enter without a living body. It has the potential to be a valuable tool for examining the effects of environmental toxins, absorption of aerosol drugs and the safety and effectiveness of new drugs be. Such a tool can accelerate pharmaceutical development by reducing the dependence on current models, in which testing a single substance read more .

Cost more than $ 2 million euro.’The ability of the lung-on-a-chip device, a three-layered absorption of airborne nanoparticles and mimic the inflammatory response by microbial pathogens trigger provides proof – of-principle for the concept that organs-on-chips could replace many animal studies in the future, ‘says Donald Ingber, senior author of the study and founding director of Harvard Wyss Institute.