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The newly discovered gene.

Their study published online in Nature Genetics identified. A separate paper by another group a sister gene, based on studies of genes in sheepdogs, appears in the same issue of Science magazine.. The newly discovered gene, called CCDC40 controls right-to-left to develop patterning as tissues, a critical factor in the configuration and effectiveness of organs. Scientist the gene found by zeroing in on zebrafish and mice in which disrupted the placement, and sometimes the internal structure vice versa. Vice versa. While these so-called ‘left-right pattern ‘defects occur very rarely in zebrafish and mice, they occur at high frequency in the animals with mutated genes CCDC40 was.

For a closer look, Burdine employed a special transmission electron microscope. She examined the microscopic cilia in the zebrafish with the mutation in CCDC40 and compared these images with zebrafish with the normal gene. Cilia in the cilia in the zebrafish with the mutations ‘were disrupted in their structure in a way I had never seen before, ‘Burdine said.