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Reuters reports that Vazquez has promised all laws.

The research team headed by Mikael Akke at the Center for Molecular Protein Science Lund University used NMR spectroscopy to take a snapshot of the misfolded structure to create not yet been seen. Knowledge of the misfolded protein structure potentially enables future efforts to rationally design drugs that prevent the misfolding event and hence the development of ALS.

The project, which Fraser piggyBac vectors used to create transgenic silkworms with both silkworm and spider silk proteins, those proteinsation with his laboratory with Donald Jarvis and Randolph Lewis at the University of Wyoming. The results showed that the fibers were produced harder than typical silkworm silk and as tough as dragline fibers by spinning that silkworms can be designed to such improved fibers are made.. The findings were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and marks a breakthrough in the long search for silk with such mechanical properties.