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Ten million deaths from AIDS related causes could be prevented by 2025.

Ten million deaths from AIDS – related causes could be prevented by 2025, and one million new HIV infections annually annually if the countries focus their strategies the disease the disease, according to the 2010 UNAIDS Outlook Report, which was published on Tuesday, Reuters reports. In collaboration with the in cooperation with the beginning of the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna.

The prevalence of HIV among individuals declining ages of 15 and 24 in 16 of the 25 countries with the highest burden of disease, suggesting that young people do a ‘revolution ‘in HIV prevention, according to an amendment to the UNAIDS Outlook report, reports the Reuters news agency.

Malaria and other diseases.

Action on the social determinants of health supplements the work of the WHO for treatment coverage for HIV / AIDS to expand, malaria and other diseases. As people with that as people with TB from poorer backgrounds are far less likely to successfully quit their treatment than patients from more privileged backgrounds are.

It paralyzes their livelihoods as their livestock die or nearly worthless. It also affects the access to clean water. In addition, stagnant pools are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes, the risk of malaria and other vector – borne diseases increase. We need to get more attention and action of the drought affected areas.. We also know that some factors largely by human control, such as drought , affects also the most vulnerable. In northern Kenya and in the neighboring countries are millions of people against one of the worst droughts in recent history. The drought is seriously affect access to food.