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For additional information on the Baylor University.

Autistic people do not Daydream as non-autistic people doto According to researchers at the Center for Autism Research at the Children’s Hospital Research Center in La Jolla, California, do autistic not about themselves and other people are dreaming if their heads will have the opportunity to emigrate medicine information .

Although this study does not show the cause of autism, it offers some indicators. Kennedy explained how autism is a neuro – developmental disorder, in the first few in the first few years of life is crucial to understand what is the cause of autism. We need more of the processes during early development in the stationary network that has a high metabolism seen during the rest in the adult brain non-autistic people. We need to find out is to those areas to those areas , as they would the first areas of the brain that thinks of his people affected with autism. – As a parent with a son who has Asperger’s Syndrome, I am on this study with many hopes and questions drawn as:.

Writing for Kaiser Health News.

The Congress is increasing pressure to decide on the future of the popular but temporary health promotion program – and not only of unemployed Americans who would benefit employers are committed Some also say that the subsidy, which pays 65 % of the costs employee. Employee. COBRA health insurance for up to nine ,, a different administrative and financial burden. But if lawmakers extend extend it, so soon so soon, executives say like Warren Salerno, employee benefits director at Interpublic Group, an advertising and marketing company in New York. Delays result additional costs to us, it is it is unfair to the ex-employee, he says, . Read the full article.. Writing for Kaiser Health News, Andy Miller explores the current circumstances COBRA subsidy.

Because current HO treatments can not be used, HO remains a potentially serious problem because of the high incidence among military personnel. Even without treatment, HO can progress and spread ever more serious over time. Hopefully, if clinical trials are carried out and prove that treatment could be used as a remedy not only for HO HO but also for other diseases including fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive , an inheritable and severe form of HO. – We ‘re not there yet, but we’re definitely excited, concluded Pacifici.