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An evolving lesion.

An evolving lesion, one that is in relation to the five S the changes – size, symptoms such as itching or pain, bleeding or surface colors, says Dr. Essentially, a lesion that changes change over lesion. .

Thus carcinoma in biopsies performed Greater Than 1 – year after radiofrequency ablation of renal cortical tumorsORLANDO, FL – Stern and his colleagues report on their experience with tissue sample more than 1 year after radiofrequency ablation of small renal tumors. The study included 19 patients with 20 renal tumors who had previously undergone RFA ablation were stable in size on follow-up, and showed no signs of improvement in imaging. Months – These lesions were biopsied percutaneously with a mean follow-up of 26.1). Pathological examination with H & E staining showed coagulation necrosis, hyalinization, immune cell infiltration, residual ghost cells, and no evidence of residual viable tumor cells.