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Such conditions destroy proteins.

Journal PNAS.. Purple extremist thrives under inhospitableMild environmental conditions are a prerequisite for life. Strong acids or dissolved metallic salts in high concentrations are detrimental to humans and simpler organisms such as bacteria. Such conditions destroy proteins, ensuring that all biological functions in the cells come to a halt. So what do we do at the limits of hostile conditions find can find to find life? Scientists at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Braunschweig with with colleagues from Spain and the UK an enzyme that an enzyme that requires acids and dissolved metals, in order to work.

In about 80 percentenza H5N1 flu drug Relenza stoppedRelenza, a drug used to treat flu is effective against avian flu strain that has devastating poultry flocks in Asia.Relenza was tested on a sample of the H5N1 virus. It stops the virus from multiplying in the same way her stops the flu virus is to get that person.