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Could they also provide a possible model for prevention and treatment.

The new findings in the journal Nature published explain not only the development of certain human diseases, could they also provide a possible model for prevention and treatment. While the human mind and body are built to respond to stress – the well-known fight or flight reaction, which takes a few minutes and raises heart rate and blood sugar – the response itself can cause considerable damage if sustained for a long periods.

The new findings suggest that this degradation of p53 leads to chromosomal rearrangement and an accumulation of DNA damage in normal and sex cells. These types of disturbances are the primary cause of miscarriages, congenital defects and mental retardation presented the study.

During of the study.

The researchers’ goal was to provide a non-invasive method to develop the bladder epithelium as objectively as possible and directly to analyze. During of the study, the researchers used the microarray technology to cells in the urinary bladder as an alternative to biopsies that require anesthesia and analyze a small risk of bladder cancer shed injuries.

A precautionary approach that is now beginning. In the EU in the EU, would mean that the first signs of a potentially serious toxic effects, such as developmental neurotoxicity, should lead a strict regulation , which could be made lighter should should show subsequent documentation less damage than expected. ‘.