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Are platform-independent online in this weeks Early Edition of PNAS at.

The study, titled Not – invasive prenatal diagnosis of fetal chromosomal aneuploidy by massively parallel sequencing of DNA in maternal plasma by Chiu et. Are platform-independent online in this week’s Early Edition of PNAS at.

‘Systems for DNA sequencing when parallel sequencing or shotgun sequencing is currently facilitating the academic environment because of the scalability limitations and high cost is limited, therefore practical applications are several years from commercialization. We find the data that convincingly reported by Dr. Lo and employees very much, and while we evaluate other promising approaches continue, licensed Sequenom this technology several months ago because we believe massively parallel sequencing is a promising approach to prenatal diagnosis future expansion to our SEQureDx prenatal diagnosis can offer franchise. Even though this technology is years away from the hospital, we current current RNA SNP allelic ratio technology – which is the basis for the Down syndrome test we expect in June 2009 on the market – a big improvement in the maternal and fetal testing ‘..