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The patients were asked to complete a questionnaire on quality of life

The study involved 117 patients who had surgery for esophageal cancer in Sweden between 2001 and 2005 and survived at least five years. The patients were asked to complete a questionnaire on quality of life, a set of functions symptoms and answer measured . To get an idea of what was to maintain their quality of life as before surgery, the researchers had a group of 4,910 randomly selected people the same questions. The answers were then. As points on a 0-100 scale, where high scores for functions and low ones for symptoms were re new The analyzes were adjusted for age, sex and medical condition of health.

Worldwide Esophageal cancer is the eighth most common cancer. The prognosis is poor, and only 10 % of patients survive five years after diagnosis. The disease is often detected at a late stage after symptoms such as difficulty swallowing and weight loss. The only established curative treatment includes extensive surgery, often the abdomen, chest and neck. Approximately 30 % of patients survive the operation for at least five years. The purpose of the study was to determine whether the quality among five among five – year survivors of surgery for esophageal cancer on par with the average population.

Groups took monitored regime over 12 weeks.

To see says Dr.fect the exercise had, thigh muscle biopsies were at the beginning and end of the regime , and microscopically analyzed for changes in the ratio of muscle to fat and connective tissue, the blood supply to the muscle, and particularly studied differences in the muscle cells themselves. The results of our experiments have significantly improved our understanding of how muscles respond to different forms of exercise, says Dr. We believe that the changes that new new insights into the latest educational systems have a significant impact on the lives of the two menopausal older women older women, she concludes.. The study of groups of women going through menopause at the age 45-55 years focused on the age group in which muscle loss for the first start times significantly.

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